New Service – Lumps, Bumps, Minor Surgery and Musculoskeletal clinic

With high demand and stretched resources, we recognise the difficulty in accessing appointments. For patients with skin issues (lumps, bumps, skin lesions, cysts and rashes) that may need minor surgery and those with musculoskeletal issues (aches and pains in joints and limbs), that may need joint injections, there is now a dedicated clinic directly accessible to our patients.

Dr Mathew Kattukaran will be carrying out skin assessments and minor surgery for lumps, bumps, skin lesion, cysts and rashes. Peter Roe, Specialist Paramedic, will be carrying out joint injections and musculoskeletal assessments.

When phoning the surgery, you will simply select option 4 for these services only (the ‘lumps, bumps, skin lesion, cysts, rashes’ or the ‘aches and pains in joints and limbs’). You will be prompted to leave your full name, date of birth and contact telephone number. The reception team will call you back and book you directly into the next available dedicated face-to-face appointment.

Thorpe Surgery Team.