Test Results

When you have a test carried out at the surgery, you will be asked to contact the surgery for the result. It is your responsibility to do so.

Most blood results are back within 5 days. Urine and stool samples and swabs taken from wounds usually take 3-4 days. X-rays take 7-10 days.

Please request the result of your test after the appropriate length of time. All results are seen by the doctors and the receptionist will be able to give you the result and any comments made by the doctor about the next course of action.

Cervical smear results take between 2-4 weeks to come back and the results will be sent to you at home, there are times when results take longer and you should be advised of any known delays at the time of the appointment.

In normal circumstances, due to patient confidentially, we are unable to give results out to anyone other than the patient. Please note this also applies to children aged 14 or over, children over 14 are able to obtain their own results or at the time of the appointment consent to the information being shared with their parent or guardian.

There must be written consent from all patients over 16 years of age to share any information.