How Do I?

How do I: Arrange a Blood Test?

The practice nurse or healthcare assistant usually takes blood tests. If a clinician has recommended that a blood test is required, please let the receptionist know so that an appropriate appointment can be booked.

If you need to see the doctor regarding the test result, it is best to make a follow up appointment about 7 days later by which time most tests are back.

In this surgery our nurses will carry out INR levels for patients on warfarin. Please let the receptionist know if you need to have your INR checked, and they will make you an appropriate appointment.

How do I: Get an e-Referral?

NHS e-Referral is a national electronic service that allows patients to book a convenient time, date and place for your first outpatient appointment at the hospital of your choice. It is available to all patients in England requiring elective care.

Patients will be able to either book their appointment electronically immediately through the practice staff, or they can call a telephone booking service or use the Internet at home later.

If your referral is appropriate for e-Referral, you will be asked by the GP to see one of the receptionist who will make your choose and book appointment for you. They will explain your choices and explain the process to you.

For more information regarding choose and book please go to

How do I: Get Emergency Contraception?

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a contraceptive pill review please use this form.

Emergency Contraception

If you have had sex without using contraception or think your method might have failed there are two emergency methods you can use:

  • Emergency hormone pills – or ‘morning after’ pills – must be taken within three days (72 hours) after sex. They are more effective the earlier they are taken after sex.
  • An IUD (coil) must be fitted up to five days after sex, or up to five days after the earliest time you could have released an egg (ovulation).

How To Get Emergency Contraception

There are several ways you can get emergency contraception:

  • From your GP or Nurse. Please ring and make an urgent, same day appointment with the nurse or doctor or ask to speak to a nurse or doctor over the telephone. Emergency contraception is free from your doctor/nurse.
  • At school – you can see your school nurse who will be able to help you.
  • At the chemist. The pharmacist will advise you how and when to take the emergency hormone pill. There is a charge of around £20.
  • At the family planning clinics. These offer a drop-in, or appointment system clinic where you can get emergency contraception free of charge. Family Planning Service 01255 868686 (24 hour answerphone giving details of all family planning clinics).

How do I: Get Help if I’m Pregnant?

If you think you might be pregnant then you should make an appointment with a doctor. Pregnancy testing kits, available widely from both pharmacies and supermarkets, are very reliable and can be used to confirm the pregnancy.

Wanted Pregnancy

The doctor will talk to you about good pregnancy care, such as taking folic acid and stopping smoking and an appointment with the midwife will be arranged.

Unwanted Pregnancy

If you think you might be pregnant and you don’t want to keep the pregnancy then you have two options:

  • To have a termination of pregnancy
  • To keep the pregnancy and put the baby up for adoption

If you have chosen to have a termination of pregnancy then you should be seen as soon as possible, as the earlier you have a termination the safer and easier it is to perform. Your will then be referred urgently. Alternatively you could contact the following help lines for further information:

How do I: Get Sexual Health Advice?

If you have a concern or problem regarding your sexual health please make an appointment with any of the doctors or nurses at the surgery. We will be able to give you confidential advice and help on any matter relating to sexual health.

Alternatively, if you would like friendly and confidential advice about sexual health or family planning please visit for further information.

How do I: Get a Form Completed?

The Doctor is able to sign and complete forms and claims on your behalf, however these often carry a charge. Please ask the receptionist for the current price of completing the form.

Example forms are:

  • Private sick notes
  • Holiday cancellation
  • Private letters
  • Insurance forms

Most forms do not require you to have an appointment with the doctor.

Please leave these forms with the receptionist who will pass them onto the doctor. These would normally be available for collection within 72 hours.

How do I: Get a Health Check-up?

If you feel well, but would like to have a check up to make sure that you don’t have any health problems, e.g. high blood pressure, we are happy to help. We advise that you make a double appointment with one of the healthcare assistants (HCA).

The nurse will check your weight, height, blood pressure, ask about your family history, diet, exercise level and will be able to advise you whether you need to have certain blood tests e.g. cholesterol levels. She will also be able to give you advice about weight reduction, diet, exercise and other lifestyle issues.

We invite all newly registered patients with our practice to have a health check-up.

How do I: Get a Mammogram?

All women aged 50 or over can have breast screening once every three years. This is a free service under the NHS Cancer Screening Programme.

Because the programme is a rolling one, not every woman will receive an invitation as soon as she is 50, but she will have been invited by the time she is 53. The upper age limit for breast screening under the programme is 64, but women are encouraged to make their own appointment for screening after this age.

If you would like to check that you are included in the programme, or are over age and would like to arrange your own appointment, please contact the Chelmsford and Colchester Breast Screening Service on 01206 744749.

Please note that if you are concerned about a breast lump then you should make an appointment with one of the doctors, who may refer you to the appropriate service for further advice.

How do I: Get a Private Referral?

If you would prefer to see a consultant privately rather than the NHS, please mention this to your doctor who will make the necessary arrangements.

The surgery does not make a charge for making the arrangements, but you will obviously be charged by the consultant/hospital for the private consultation.

Details of local private hospitals are shown below: