If the doctors have prescribed warfarin tablets for you, it is important that the practice nurses do regular blood tests to make sure you are always taking the right dose. The blood test is done at the surgery using a special machine and a drop of blood from a finger prick. The result (called the INR) will be in a ‘target range’ that all patients who are taking warfarin will have been told and have written down for reference. This is usually written in your warfarin yellow treatment book. The dose will be adjusted according to the result, i.e. whether it is inside or outside the target range.

The nurses will always write down the result for you in your warfarin book and give you an appointment for the next test before you leave the surgery.

In some cases, we may take a blood sample from the vein in the arm, particularly if you are due any other blood tests and send it to the hospital laboratory in Colchester. In this case you will be asked to contact the surgery the following day for the result.

Please try to remember to bring your warfarin yellow reference book with you when you come to the surgery. It is very important that you take the correct dosage of warfarin. The tablets are colour coded to help you to take the right dose and your current dosage will be written in your warfarin yellow book. If you are in any doubt of your dose, please contact the surgery.