If you look after someone who is ill or disable, please register as a carer so that we can offer support and help.

Help from the Surgery

Please feel very welcome to talk to any doctor or nurse about your caring role and how you are managing – or not managing if the situation is becoming more difficult for you. Don’t worry about taking up time (a common worry for carers) – just ask for a double appointment. There are things we can put in place to help you.

With your permission we can add you to our Practice Register of carers, and make a note on your computer medical record that you are a carer, and who for. This means that all the staff who have an involvement in your care will know that you are a carer and will take account of that, understanding the complications it can mean for you. However you may be involved in looking after someone but not want to be actually designated as a carer for them – just tell us if you don’t want to be actually registered as a carer on your medical record.

Carers are entitled to a ‘Carers Assessment’ carried out by the local Social Services Department which is a process by which the needs of both the carer and person cared for can be identified. Once identified, the necessary arrangements can be made for these needs to be met – to access this service, please telephone Social Services on 0845 603 7630.