Asthma is a condition which affects the smaller airways of the lungs. From time to time the airways narrow in a patient with asthma and this causes the typical asthma symptoms.

It is important that we check you on a regular basis to make sure that the inhalers you are taking are the right ones for you and that your asthma is kept tightly under control. Good control of your asthma means that you will have more energy, be less tired and have fewer chest infections. The aim of your asthma treatment is to keep you free of asthma symptoms during the day and the night.

Diagnosing Asthma

Sometimes the symptoms are very typical and the diagnosis is easily made by a doctor. If there is any doubt simple tests can be arranged through the practice nurse. Asthma can be treated by inhalers and some tablets.


Once your condition is stable you will be seen by the nurses every 6 months. It is important to have reviews on a regular basis to ensure you are receiving the correct treatment so that your asthma is kept under good control. At each visit you will be told the interval until your next appointment. If you are overdue an appointment you will receive a letter reminding you to make an appointment.

At the appointment we will:

  • Measure your height and weight
  • Measure your lung function
  • Review your lifestyle
  • Discuss any problems that you have
  • Review your medication

Useful Websites

Further information on asthma is available on the following websites: